Our Story

The idea of Simba's Barkery began in 2012 when I started volunteering with a local dog rescue as a foster parent. After fostering several dogs of different shapes and form, various personalities and unique set of challenges, I realized one thing they had in common was their unconditional love for us. So why not give back some of this love? And the best way to a dog's heart, is through his stomach! 

Since then I started baking treats for all my dogs at home. I did research on what is good for the dog and what is harmful and developed treats that are both healthy and tasty. Now it's time to share these goodies with you all.

At Simba's Barkery we create treats that are carefully crafted from natural and quality ingredients. The treats are baked fresh every day with human-grade ingredients and the selection changes seasonally. Each treat then goes through an official tasting and approval by the The Barkery's personal Labrador taster, Simba.

We strive to provide your best friend with wholesome treats and foods. Because they too deserve the best. 

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