Demystifying Dog Food - Part 2

If you have missed the first part, click here. In this sequel we continue to look at dog food ingredients and what you need to know to make an educated decision to determine the quality of your dog food.  I will conclude the post with a list of things to look out for, both beneficial and harmful for dogs along with a food scoring chart. I got the list when I was fostering dogs with the Golden Retriever Rescue of North Texas and I find it to be very beneficial. The list also scores some of the popular dog food...

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Demystifying Dog Food - Part 1

  I remember when I decided to start baking dog treats, I started looking at the ingredients in some of the popular store-bought treats. I was often staring down at a list of chemicals, by-products, non-specific animal sources, etc. Little did I know that dog food manufacturers have taken simplicity out of dog food purchasing. With a plethora of dog food, it is crucial to take a step back to understand what is going inside the packaging. In the interest of keeping the post short and to the point, let us get into the gritty details.   Pet Food Naming...

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3 Steps for Planning Your Dog’s Birthday Photo Session

We are delighted to introduce Jenna Regan, a talented Dallas Pet Photographer. I had been hearing about Jenna's beautiful approach to pet photography from a while now but only recently did I get a chance to meet her in-person at an event. I have been impressed by the way she captures memories of our dogs, they truly leave an impression on you. Today she will share how to capture that paw-fect day in your dog's life because we all know that moments may fade but we want the memories to last forever! 

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