The Dog Days of Summer


We are all looking forward to spending some time outdoors as the weather gets warmer and summer approaches, and our dogs feel the same way.

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Summer is the peak of a dog’s social life with long walks, dog parks and a lot of fetch time! Here are a few times on how to get your canine companions ready for summer:

 1. Get that haircut!

We all love the shorter hair when the heat strikes and pets are no different. Make a trip to an experienced groomer and trim off the extra hair your pooch may have. They will appreciate feeling a little cooler. Furthermore, shorter hair will attract less dirt and bugs! While you are there, I heard about pet facials and massages. Maybe splurge a little and treat your dog to a spa day?

Source: Aqua Dog Grooming

2. Be careful of overheating

The hot weather can be strenuous for dogs. If spending a lot of time outdoors, provide your pooch with lots of water to hydrate and shade to rest and cool off. Some ideas for cooling off activities include kiddie pools or frozen Kong treats. Lastly, remember, do not leave your pets in the car! Cars overheat fast and it could be dangerous for your pets.

3. Visit the vet

Since your dog is likely to be spending more time with other pets maybe at dog parks or play dates, it is important to get a check-up. Make sure your pet is up-to-date on all his vaccinations and talk to your vet about allergies or any other health issues you are concerned about.


4. Prep for travel

Summer travel plans in the horizon? Don’t forget about your dog! If you are planning on taking them with you on vacation, check out our recent post on travel tips. If not, don’t forget to organize for pet sitters, boarding, etc. Check out our post on Road tripping with your Dog.

  Source: Two Carnivores

Summer is a fun time for all. Plan ahead and keep your pets safe. Each dog is different and while these are a few tips, do your research and accommodate for your dog as needed. Enjoy the summer and leave us a comment on what summer fun you had with your dog. 

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