2020 Resolutions for Dog-lovers

Happy 2020! Here at Simba’s BARKery, we are very excited about this year as we kick-start this bakery and bring fresh, all-natural and homemade treats to your home. We had a busy holiday season which not only involved spiced eggnog, mistletoe kisses and gaining five pounds but also ramping up and prepping to get us off the ground. Simba loved the holidays too! With all the treats, gifts and love, why wouldn’t he?

Now all that is behind us as we bring in a new decade. The new year is here and this means it’s resolutions time. But how about this year instead of focusing on just you, your goals get your pet involved too!

Here are a few resolutions for all you dog-lovers out there:

1. Promise to feed your dog only the best.

Cheese dog treats

​​The saying ‘what you eat, is what you are’ is not only for us humans, but also applicable to our pets too. Next time you buy dog food or treats, check the packaging and find foods with real ingredients. This can make a great difference in your pet’s life. Also, measure the amount of food each time. Overfeeding your dog can lead to laziness and overweight dogs which leads to a whole lot of other problems. You can find the recommended feeding amount on the bag or ask your vet. And don’t forget to check out the treats we have to offer at Simba’s BARKery! We create our treats with the freshest and preservative-free ingredients. 

2. Take your dog for a long walk regularly.

Dog Walk | Dog Bakery | Dog Blog

If your new year resolution was to start working out or get fitter, this is a great combined resolution to have. Just like you, your dog deserves exercise as well. January is National Walk Your Pet Month. Make sure the cold weather is not an excuse to leave out walks for your dog. Lack of exercise not only causes health issues in your pet but also increases boredom, chewing and other issues. Walks will also give you two time to bond and grow your relationship!

3. Give back to other pets in need.

Rescue | Adopt | Volunteer

While I have only had Simba for a few months, I can not imagine my life without him. But then I think about all those other homeless dogs who deserve the same life too. I have been fostering with the DFW Lab Rescue for more than 5 years now and every time a dog gets adopted it brings great satisfaction to know that I gave one more dog a second chance at life. If fostering is too much to take on, volunteer to take dogs for walks at the local shelter or drop in some coins in the Homeless Pets jar at your pet store. Every gesture goes a long way.


4. Get the annual check-up.

Simba is terrified of the vet! It’s not because they once gave him shots that may have hurt (it seemed like he never even felt them) but because he hates getting on the table that automatically moves up and down. However, it is extremely important to take him to the vet not only when he is sick but for an annual check-up too. Vets can check for early signs of diabetes, arthritis and other illnesses that can be prevented. And don’t forget about oral health!


5. Go somewhere new!

Dog Travel | Resolutions

Once in a while, we all need a break from our regular lives. Dogs are no different. They love to smell the flowers, run in open fields and let the wind blow through their fur as they stick their heads out the car window. This year, why not take your pup on your next vacation. Lookup pet-friendly places or rent an Airbnb that allows pets and enjoy some time off with your furry little companion.

These are just some ideas that I hope to incorporate this year. What resolutions do you have for your dog? Do share with us in the comments section.

Get started on your resolutions and don't worry if you start getting off-track, those puppy eyes will remind you of your goals!


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